HAIZOL is China’s leading professional online sourcing service platform for OEM, custom parts and components in Asia. Specializing in CNC Machining, Injection Moulding, Casting, Stamping, Fabrication & Mold Making.

We have actively provided services for partners in over 100 countries, establishing long-term relationships which have enhanced their production efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs.

Our sourcing marketplace platform offers an unbeatable outsourcing solution to your manufacturing needs. Our mission is to provide a complete hassle-free service for our customers, with a current network of over 600,000 suppliers and service providers.

Our One-stop sourcing & solutions platform offers buyers a complete service from start to finish. From your requirements, we locate the best suppliers, then take care of the whole process from the initial order, to quality and inspection, and shipment.

Our instant quoting technology and extensive network of suppliers has revolutionized the custom manufacturing industry. You can get a quote for your parts in under a minute, giving you on demand access to high quality, low-cost manufacturing. Whether you are a start-up or a large company, you are able to simply upload your 2D or 3D drawings or picture, to receive a quote for manufacturing immediately.