Partner Type: Start Up


Wikifactory is a virtual collaboration system to help you make physical products, better and faster. We’re inspired by the agile workflows of the software industry and are building the Internet of Production. A single online space where everyone, everywhere, can make almost anything wherever the products are needed. Our powerful, cloud-based system for real-time design

SME Graduate Employment

SME graduate employment is a recruitment agency that specializes in connecting small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with work-ready university students and graduates, who are often not aware of the opportunities that are available with SMEs. The Director is Matthew Parry, who has been in recruitment since 2005, having previously worked in customer services, and who

Leaders Plus

Leaders Plus is a social enterprise working with individuals during maternity leave, shared parental leave, and beyond to progress in their careers whilst enjoying their young families. Too often, parents feel they have to choose between being a good parent and a fulfilling leadership career. We exist to change this.   Our award-winning Leaders Plus


HAIZOL is China’s leading professional online sourcing service platform for OEM, custom parts and components in Asia. Specializing in CNC Machining, Injection Moulding, Casting, Stamping, Fabrication & Mold Making. We have actively provided services for partners in over 100 countries, establishing long-term relationships which have enhanced their production efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs. Our sourcing


EcoTextura creates proprietary, eco-friendly & inclusive-design PPE as well as fabrics for the medical industry. While the concept was first developed in 2015, and fully dedicated efforts from July 2019, just months prior to Covid-19 beginning. In this transformative year, EcoTextura has designed, been approved and supplied its innovative PPE to national public health organizations,