What We Do

For over a century, we've worked to empower women to choose to do work they enjoy and ensure they're comfortable with technology. Here's how:


Connect at our WES events, such as the Annual Conference and Caroline Haslett lecture


Participate in local WES events where you'll meet fellow WES members from your region


Grow by becoming a mentor or mentee with MentorSET or taking part in STEM Returners

Alongside our programme of projects and events, we raise the profile of women as technical leaders by offering awards to inspirational engineers, we speak to the media and campaign to change policy where it impacts on women engineers and STEM education, and we evolve workplace cultures so that women feel supported in the workplace.

To join WES is to support us on our journey to actively preserve our heritage and that of pioneering female engineers.

Discover WES In Action

We have a wide range of events, awards, campaigns, projects, programmes and activities that support and encourage women engineers at all stages of their careers.