Where we came from

WES has supported women in engineering for over 100 years.

We were founded by members of the National Council of Women during the First World War to:

  • Campaign for the pioneering women who worked in engineering and technical roles during the War to retain these roles when the war ended.
  • Promote engineering as a rewarding job for women

Who we are now

Today, our charitable company continues to inspire and support diversity in engineering by:

  • Promoting the education of women in engineering
  • Raising the international profile of female engineers
  • Educating the public about inclusive career opportunities

What we do now

We make a difference by empowering our network of female engineers to:

  • CONNECT at WES events, such as our Annual Conference
  • PARTICIPATE in local events and meet other members
  • GROW by becoming a mentor or mentee

Join us in making a difference and transforming the future of women in engineering.

Discover WES In Action

We have a wide range of events, awards, campaigns, projects, programmes and activities that support and encourage women engineers at all stages of their careers.