Jan Peters

Jan is Managing Director of Katalytik a small business specialising in inclusion and engagement in science and engineering. Recent work includes research Different Women, Different Places looking at the inspirations and strategies for success of black and minority ethnic women leaders which used both quantitative online survey, face to face interviews and roundtable discussions. Jan is currently the UK Ambassador to the American Association for Computer Machines – Women’s Group (ACM), she is also a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry Diversity Committee.

Jan was a founding member of the European Commission’s Helsinki Group, as the UK National Expert on women in science and has recently (2008) been an expert evaluator for the Commission. As well as working in higher education, the public and private sector Jan was the Equality and Diversity Manager at the Royal Society and has been associated with leading a number of high profile reports including Maximising Returns, (DTI, 2002), SET Fair, DTI (2002), Taking a Leading Role, The Royal Society (2005) and Different Women, Different Places (Diversity Practice and Katalytik 2007).

As well as five years contract research at the University of Southampton, Jan worked as an Applications Engineer on semiconductor characterisation, interfacing between R&D, customers, production and the sales team at BioRad Micorscience providing technical support and training of customers. Broader skills and expertise developed from 15 years work in the public and private sector include knowledge transfer, steering group management, project management and direction, facilitation of focus and discussion groups in many formats, from mini groups in schools, with women returners, black and ethnic minority scientists and other professionals at conferences, as part of consultations and in thought leader debates. In particular drawing conclusions from discussions and translating them into themes, strategies and action points.