About us

We’re on a mission to build the UK’s finest digital infrastructure platform, changing up the way we live, work and communicate. With a world-class full fibre network powering every aspect of our economy and society, we’re helping to unleash Britain’s potential in a digital age.


Our £4 billion rollout is now well underway, with projects spread across the country and new town or city rollouts starting every month. Right now, we’re on track to bring full fibre to up to 8 million homes and businesses, playing our part to upgrade the nation.


Diversity & Inclusion is a cornerstone of the City Fibre Way. “As a company we are growing rapidly, and so it’s important to me that we retain our family feel.” explains Greg Mesch, our founder and CEO. “Having a diverse group of employees brings diversity of thought, new ideas and a great working environment where people want to be. To me, that is a great outcome for us to aim for.”


Building a national digital infrastructure platform demands an amazing and fast-growing team. This, in turn, creates huge opportunities. If you want to work somewhere where everyone can be themselves, with all the things that make us similar and different, and where you can learn and develop your own career at pace, then you’ve come to the right place.