Tilly Watts

Tilly is a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering Degree Apprentice who joined BAE Systems directly after completing her A-Levels in 2019.

Currently, on a placement in F35 Airframe Integration, Tilly has also completed placements on Tempest, Typhoon Weapon Systems, and Sceptre, a next generation mission planning system. She is looking forward to completing 2 further placements, before starting her final placement in a role that she hopes to specialize in.

As part of her apprenticeship, Tilly is working towards a B.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering with Lancaster University.

Tilly was inspired to pursue a career in Engineering during her time as part of the Air Cadets, which she joined in 2015. She is now an Adult Volunteer, and particularly enjoys teaching aerospace-based subjects. Her knowledge of the Air Cadets allowed her to play a key role in the development of a BAE-run design competition, which saw engagement with cadets across the country.

She is an avid F1 fan (supporting McLaren), and is aiming to gain her Private Pilot’s Licence in the future.