Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Group.

If you're a WES member looking for support on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, this group and the three active subcomitees are here to help.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group Aims

The EDI SIG strategy aims to support WES engineers in the workplace and helps identify and overcome any barriers at work for female engineers; highlight challenges, best practice and provide support for WES members who are also part of intersectional groups and raise the visibility of EDI in WES through showcasing WES Members, EDI events from regional WES Clusters and through sharing knowledge between WES members.

What we do

WES’s EDI strategy comprises of three core pillars;  Intersectionality, Women at Work and Visibility that feeds into WES’s overarching strategy to support female engineers in the industry, share best practice and influence debate as well as encourage the increase of women in engineering in the industry.  These three core pillars are supported by voluntary EDI SIG members and have been developed into three active subcommittee groups.

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